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Katharine Blodget

Therapy and Psychoeducation
    for Families, Couples and Parents 

My Approach

My work is informed by extensive experience in evidence-based practices encompassing psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral and dialectical behavioral therapies.  Alongside my training at The Ackerman Institute for the Family, I have worked with families, couples, parents, children, adolescents and young adults across various educational and clinical settings.


I believe in an empathetic and collaborative approach, seeking to determine how best to move towards acceptance and change. 

Through the psychotherapeutic process, we will work together towards resolving interpersonal, emotional and communication difficulties.

  • Transform conflict into opportunities for connection 

  • Increase understanding and insight

  • Develop more effective and assertive communication 

  • Discover your values and your boundaries

  • Encourage flexible thinking  

  • Strengthen emotion regulation 

  • Enhance competencies and build confidence 

  • Better manage inevitable uncertainties 

“For a child or an adult, it’s extremely powerful to hear someone say, “I get you. I understand. I see why you feel this way.” This kind of empathy disarms us.”― Daniel J. Siegel, No-Drama Discipline: The Whole-Brain Way to Calm the Chaos and Nurture Your Child's Developing Mind



Psychodynamic, Psychoeducation & Behavioral Therapies  


Individual, Couples & Family Therapy

  • Familial, Relational and Interpersonal Conflict 

    • Parenting ​
    • High Conflict
    • Separation / Divorce 
  • Mental Health and Developmental Disorders ​
    • Mood Disorders: Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar 

    • Personality Disorders: Borderline / Narcissism 

    • ADHD 




Contact Me


1623-1641 3rd Avenue

New York, NY 10005

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